Super Dog Party @ ROCK IN ROMA 2023 Super Dog Party


Super Dog Party @ ROCK IN ROMA 2023

ROCK IN ROMA 2023, the next big show!
July 14th, 2023

Hey, rockers! Get ready to unleash your inner party animal at Rock in Roma 2023, where Super Dog Party is gonna blow your freakin’ mind! These badass rockers are gonna tear the freakin’ roof off with their mind-blowing tunes and killer distortion. It’s gonna be a wild-ass ride, packed with face-melting riffs, high energy, sick distortion, fast-paced rhythms, and enough power to make your head spin!

Don’t miss out on the craziest damn party of the year! Rock in Roma 2023 is the place to be, and Super Dog Party is gonna make it a night you’ll never forget. Get your damn tickets now, ‘cause this is gonna be one hell of a ride!




luglio 11th, 2023

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