Super Dog Party in the soundtrack of X LIFE!!! Super Dog Party


Super Dog Party in the soundtrack of X LIFE!!!

You will be catapulted onto the top of the Alps, in Hawaii, from China to Norway, from Tahiti to Portugal. The fearless Rock & Roll of Super Dog Party will be part of the soundtrack of this journey full of adrenaline, accompanied by the most extreme personalities around!!

X LIFE: On air on RAI2, every Thursday at 11:35 pm, within the RAZZA UMANA format!

Below, a list of the athletes:
Jokke Sommer:  WINGSUIT / David Livet e Thomas Gerin: SNOWBOARD / Roberta Mancino: BASEJUMP /Luca Santolamazza: STREETLUGE / Kay Lenny: WATERMAN / Garrett McNamara: BIGWAVESURF / Simone Origone: SPEEDSKIING / Carlo Caresana:  FMX / Frank Coupat:  SPEEDRIDING / Michele Ramazza: EXTREMEKAYAK

X LIfe, Lifes on the edge, is a tv series of ten short episode about the man and woman behind extreme sports. Will be soon broadcasted by Italian National Broadcast RAI in Italy.

The sports and protagonists are:
Jokke Sommer//WINGSUIT, David Livet and Thomas Gerin//SNOWBOARD, Roberta Mancino//BASEJUMP, Luca Santolamazza//STREETLUGE, Kay Lenny//WATERMAN, Garrett McNamara//BIGWAVESURF, Simone Origone//SPEEDSKIING, Carlo Caresana//FMX, Frank Coupat//SPEEDRIDING, Michele Ramazza//EXTREMEKAYAK.

Showing extreme shooting form the Alps in France and Italy to the Hawaii Island, from Cina to Norway, from Tahiti to Portugal. An amazing journey trough the most amazing extreme people in the world! Enjoy!


dicembre 3rd, 2018

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