#MYWOOF Web Contest Super Dog Party


#MYWOOF Web Contest

Let us hear your bark!

Send us the audio or video of your bark or record your dog barking!

We will use the most fun, cute, and original Woof recordings while performing the song Subject Dog Blues!

Listen to the song¬†… and participate now!!!


The Contest has ended! ūüėČ WINNERS ARE: Matteo Santini, Laura Caputo, Simone Fabi



…the last barks you sent us! Woof! Woof!


Supported by¬†MiBACT and¬†SIAE, through¬†the initiative¬†“Sillumina – Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura”

siae sillumina , mibact-250mmrp

dicembre 3rd, 2018

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